Loveland Improvements extends the IMGING Solar Web site Survey Resolution with shading instruments

Loveland Innovations, maker of IMGING, a site surveying solution developed for the solar industry, has announced a new suite of shading analysis tools for the platform.

IMGING keeps surveyors on site and significantly reduces the time required on site. With a single automated drone flight, design teams can get solar access, TOF and TSRF calculations – in addition to existing CAD-enabled 3D models, roof penetrations, 360 ° horizon reports and already available location documentation data. By combining all real estate data in one tool, IMGING now centralizes the most accurate and up-to-date real estate data available to designers, engineers and financiers, according to Loveland Innovations.

"Every solar installation project needs a specific set of data to ensure project success," said Jim Loveland, Founder and CEO of Loveland Innovations. “With this latest version of IMGING, we're further streamlining the property inspection process for solar site surveys by making capturing a solar designer's dataset easier than ever. With full shading analysis, a surveyor can now quickly collect comprehensive real estate data from the ground in one quick visit. Installers already love that IMGING has more than doubled the productivity of their surveyors – our latest update offers even more data without additional additional time. "

The IMGING platform uses patented drone flight functions to automatically capture aerial data such as roof and horizon images and provide near real-time data to designers. With an iOS device running the IMGING app, surveyors can also document important properties such as attics, service panels and roof condition and organize them intuitively in the app. After landing, designers everywhere have full cloud access to all high-resolution images, horizon data, measurements, exportable 3D models and shading data of the structure, including irradiated heat maps, solar access, TOF and TSRF calculations.

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