Duke Vitality Florida is breaking new floor with two new solar methods

Duke Energy Florida has broken new ground at two new solar locations. The company expects both to be completed by the end of the year.

The Duette solar power plant will be built on approximately 520 acres in Manatee County, Florida. After commissioning, the 74.5 MW system will consist of around 227,000 single-axis tracking solar modules. The Charlie Creek Solar Power Plant is being built on 610 acres in Hardee County, Florida. The 74.9 MW facility will consist of approximately 235,000 single-axis tracking solar modules.

"Duke Energy Florida delivers what customers want: clean energy solutions," said Melissa Seixas, president of Duke Energy Florida. “We are committed to environmental protection and more fuel diversity. Customers can assume that we will continue to expand solar energy for many years to come. "

According to Duke Energy Florida, two solar systems will go into operation in the spring. The 74.9 MW Twin Rivers solar power plant was built on 460 acres in Hamilton County, Florida. The 74.9 MW Santa Fe solar power plant was built on approximately 600 acres in Columbia County, Florida.

The company plans to start building an additional solar system by the middle of the year.

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