Why you shouldn't do a DIY solar panel set up

The recent popularity of solar power has resulted in a sharp increase in the number of homeowners investing in this environmentally friendly feature. What has also become popular is the mistake of cutting corners. Many homeowners will intend to take on the solar system as a weekend project, but that decision can quickly lead to a dire situation. Read on to find out why you shouldn't complete a DIY solar panel installation.

Things can get complicated

You can expect the installation of solar panels to be a breeze with the kit purchased online. However, you will quickly find that this can get a lot more complicated than you previously imagined. From getting the necessary approvals to clearing up about standard conformities, it can get pretty overwhelming.

When you hire a company to install solar panels, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The experts take care of all the complicated processes and provide an installation that meets all standard conformities. They will also be able to obtain the necessary permits with ease, as they have often done before.

Tough planning process

If you are still not convinced, consider how much time you will need to plan your installation process. While it seems easy to physically get the panels up on the roof and do the practical work, things can change quickly with the electrical configurations. Finding out how you want your panels to work and implementing these features requires thorough training and education.

In addition, you need to consider other topics that you need to know and understand. You need to find out if your roof can support the weight of the panels, what size panel you need for the specific power consumption of your home, and if your roof has the correct angles and space for placement.

You will no longer receive grants

One of the main reasons you shouldn't be doing a DIY panel installation is because you're missing out on NYSERDA grants. These grants finance clean energy solutions. However, you cannot get one if your solar installer is not certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and approved by NYSERDA, as most professional installers in New York do. These grants are a great benefit and incentive for solar installation in the state, which is why professional solar panel installation is so attractive.

It poses a security threat to you and your home

This point does not require much explanation. However, many people seem to consider themselves invincible. By hiring a professional installation company, you can avoid serious personal injury. Professional installers have experience at great heights while you may not.

The wiring process can also be incredibly risky if you don't have the required training. You can risk incidents such as your home burning down and dangerous voltage surges.

You will miss out on the perks

The final reason you shouldn't take on a solar panel installation as a DIY project is that you're missing out on the many benefits that come with hiring a professional solar energy company. For example, certain permits and utility work must be carried out to connect the system to the power grid. If you work with professionals, they will do it for you. Then there are the benefits like Residential EV (electric vehicle) charging systems and solar battery systems.

These are some of the many features that we offer here at Solar Liberty. You can count on our team of solar energy experts to perform a quality installation. Call us to find out what other functions we can offer your private or commercial company. We're always happy to help people find the solar power solutions they need.

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