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Bluetti's flagship models EP500 and EP500 Pro recently caused a storm in Kickstarter. It hit a record $ 1M in the first hour of launch and rose to $ 3M in just three weeks.

We all know the excellent specs of the EP500, but what about its PRO version? More details on the world's most powerful mobile solar battery will be announced today.

The EP500 Pro: Your point of contact for energy outside the power grid

Bluetti's flagship battery station features a stunning NEMA L14-30 30A socket capable of delivering an impressive 3,000 watts of continuous output of 120V. This means that the power plant can effectively replace your on-grid energy for just about any device you have.

Bluetti didn't stop there, however. For the power requirements of your gadget, the US-Chinese startup has provided not just one, but two 100 W USB-C ports with PD 3.0 technology for charging your iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, laptop and more.

Investors are still getting the same portable and slim form factor that the EP500 series is known for, with wheels that allow every member of the family to get the battery system where it is needed. The solar power has been increased from 1,200 W to 2,400 W for the PRO version.

Accessories make the EP500 / Pro even better

To really maximize the potential of Bluetti's flagship powerhouses, the company has added three new accessories that are fully compatible with the EP500 and EP500 Pro.

Keep the light on with the Bluetti Home Integration Kit

With the subpanel, the EP500 becomes more than just a manual backup energy solution – it allows you to integrate the battery into your home circuit, which automatically switches on if the mains power fails.

EP500 and Pro owners will love the 20 millisecond response time as it doesn't interrupt space heating, water heaters and lighting, among other things.

Achieve twice the performance potential with the Fusion Box Pro

The EP500 Pro is already a beast in itself, but with the help of the Fusion Box Pro its full potential is achieved.

With the help of split-phase technology, the Fusion Box Pro effectively doubles the capacity, voltage and power of the EP500 Pro so that you get a maximum output power of 6,000 watts via two 30 A sockets.

Everything is handled safely by the sturdy 30A / 20A sockets and the NEMA TT-30. Owners can bring almost any device or device they want the next time they drive the Fusion Box Pro in their RV or camp.

Connect your existing solar setup to the PV Voltage Step-Down Modular

Homeowners with existing solar panels no longer have to spend money if they want to integrate their EP500 / Pro into the power grid. The modular PV voltage booster device takes into account the voltage requirements for both the EP500 and Pro models.

Bluetti's EP500 Pro and EP500 Kickstarter are still going on – get it while you can

Anyone interested in the innovative mobile solar battery station will want to act immediately, as the price of a product is usually the lowest in the crowdfunding phase.

The flagship EP500 / Pro is ultimately a useful power solution that fits into any home or RV. Its tremendous performance and portability mean you can enjoy the modern conveniences of life even when you are in the great outdoors.

Get your EP500 Pro by going to the Kickstarter page here.

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