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Lower weight, easier installation and integration of 6 MPP trackers

Delta, a leading global provider of power and thermal management solutions, has launched a new generation of its 50 kW M50A Flex solar inverter for photovoltaic arrays. After the successful launch of the M70A last year, the M50A Flex inherits its new design concept. Features include six MPP trackers, anti-PID and AC & DC type 1 + type 2 surge protectors, making the M50A Flex an ideal inverter for rooftop applications.

"As we see a growing trend to have solar panels on rooftops for commercial buildings, the Delta M50A Flex is designed for versatile commercial rooftop applications. With its advanced features to get more energy out of your PV roof and additional safety features like arcing faults and die Reverse polarity detection simplifies the work of EPCs, makes solar systems simpler and safer, and improves energy costs for commercial building owners, "said Andreas Hoischen, senior director of Delta EMEA's photovoltaic inverter business.

Flexible design of the PV roof system

With its six MPP trackers, the M50A is primarily geared towards complex roof installations and offers the system designer more flexibility in the arrangement of the modules and the distribution of the module strings. In addition, the entire input voltage range is between 200 and 1000 VDC, but the inverter can withstand input voltages of up to 1100 VDC without damage.

The system operator benefits from the anti-PID (Potential-Induced Degradation) function by avoiding this negative effect and the resulting power losses in the solar modules. Relevant for lightning protection on building roofs are the newly available AC + DC surge protective devices (SPD) type 1 + type 2, which can optionally be ordered as a replacement for the pre-installed type 2 SPDs.

Other new and interesting features and functions are data point acquisition for monitoring strings and generating I-V curves, reactive power compensation around the clock, detection of arcing faults and reverse polarity protection.

The M50A Flex is equipped with the standard RS485 interface and also offers an integrated wireless Sub-1G communication port and optional WLAN.

Improved form factor, less weight, easier installation

The heavily revised mechanical design leads to an improved degree of protection IP66, a significant weight reduction from 15% to 64 kg and more space for laying the AC cable in the inverter.

The M50A Flex at a glance

6 MPP trackers for efficient handling of shadows and module alignment

Lightweight IP66 housing

Flexible wall or floor mounting (optional feet required)

Large front door with tilt lock for safe and easy access

Type 2 SPD pre-installed; optional combined SPDs of type 1 + type 2

Data point acquisition for string monitoring

Fast creation of I-V curves

Arc fault detection and reverse polarity protection

Anti-PID technology

Protection class II chassis

The M50A Flex inverter will be available from Delta in selected European countries from May 2021 and can be ordered under part number M50A_260.

About Delta

Founded in 1971, Delta is a global leader in switching power supplies and thermal management products with a thriving portfolio of intelligent energy saving systems and solutions in industrial automation, building automation, telecommunications power, data center infrastructure, electric vehicle charging, renewable energy, energy storage and display to help evolve smarter Promote manufacturing and sustainable cities. As a first-class corporate citizen who is guided by its mission statement: "To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better future", Delta uses its core competence in high-efficiency power electronics and its CSR-embedded business model to address important environmental problems such as climate change. Delta serves customers through its sales offices, research and development centers and manufacturing facilities in nearly 200 locations on 5 continents.

Throughout its history, Delta has received various global awards and recognitions for its business achievements, innovative technologies, and commitment to CSR. Since 2011, Delta has been listed in the DJSI World Index of the Dow Jones Sustainability ™ indices for 10 years in a row. In 2020, Delta was also awarded two A ratings by CDP for its significant contribution to climate change and water security and was named a Supplier Engagement Leader for its continuous development of a sustainable value chain

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