As a tropical country, the Philippines bask in abundant sunlight and share 2 weather systems: summer time and rainy season. While it is easy and advisable to rely on solar energy, how does rain affect your energy production on rainy days? What happens to your solar system in the rainy season?

Continuous rain, continuous production

Solar panels are able to generate energy from the sunlight that hits their surface. Compared to a clear, bright, sunny day, which contributes to high energy production at its peak, rain reduces solar production due to the limited available sunlight.

Contrary to popular belief that a solar energy system only works at sunrise, solar panels also work on rainy and cloudy days thanks to the reflective or diffuse light that can hit their surface. Even if the sky is partially covered by clouds, there is still indirect light that is absorbed by the panels, as well as reflections from shiny or shiny objects or surfaces.

Yes, electricity production can be reduced and inconsistent, but it still works as intended, but harvests less energy compared to a normal sunny day. You don't have to worry if the solar energy is insufficient, because a grid-connected solar system is seamlessly connected to the public power grid. In cases where the solar system cannot provide the energy you need for your home or business, the system draws power automatically from the grid without having to flip a switch, as it is fully automatic and synchronized. Another factor to consider is the fact that rain also washes away rain and dust and dirt that may have built up on the solar panels over time. Treat it like a free cleaning voucher or a free record wash that nature provides and will ultimately make your facility run more efficiently when the sun shines again.

Turn on the sun

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