That is how vital solar inverter batteries are to your solar system –

Solar inverter batteries used in private solar plus storage systems are relatively new to the market, although energy storage technology has been around for decades. While solar inverter batteries can be of great financial benefit to households in certain circumstances, their high cost may not make them suitable for everyone. Let's discuss solar inverter batteries in detail.

Benefits of solar batteries

  • By installing a solar inverter battery as part of your solar energy system at home, you can use the stored solar energy when you need more power than your solar panels can provide (later in the day or at night).
  • Solar batteries provide backup power and do not emit any greenhouse gases. Because of the way your modules are connected to the grid, you will still lose power in the event of a power failure if you have an on-grid solar panel installation. If you install a solar inverter battery in your off-grid system, your house can be operated with the saved solar energy if the grid fails.
  • Whether you save money with a Solar Plus storage system or a hybrid solar system depends on how your electricity provider bills its customers. In states that have net metering, you typically receive a credit on your utility bill for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of solar energy you feed into the grid. You can use these credits later when you need more electricity than your solar panels can supply. The installation of solar inverter batteries in this case does not lead to savings for households, since the electricity grid offers the same financial advantage as a solar battery. On the other hand, some electricity providers are changing their prices to make solar inverter batteries a good household investment.
  • On long summer days, your solar panels generate more electricity than in the winter months. To get completely off the grid, you need a solar inverter battery system that can store large amounts of excess energy in the summer months to meet your electricity needs in the winter.

Those who want to go green should think about installing solar panels in their home. Not only is solar power great for the environment, it also enables you to make money by selling additional electricity back to the grid. While costs have decreased in recent years, solar panels can be quite expensive to install and maintain. Solar panels work best in homes that get plenty of sunlight all year round. Before choosing solar power, you should be aware of the social and economic implications. You should buy solar inverter batteries from reputable brands like Luminous which have a wide range of economical solar inverter batteries to choose from. Visit their website to find out more.

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