Tanzania: Firm plans solar battery plant in Mwanza – AllAfrica.com

To complement the government's efforts to build an industrial economy in the country, a solar company plans to build a solar battery manufacturing factory here to meet the challenges faced by renewable energy consumers.

Hamza Lema, managing director of Solar Planet Company, said the facility will help reach more people with the services and address some challenges related to the use of solar energy.

"We are grateful for the government's efforts to promote industrialization in the country. Our company will also support the effort by building a solar battery facility in Mwanza," he said.

He said many fishermen have used conventional lights in the regions of the sea zone, but his company has developed special Pro Solar lights, namely D-2 lights, which are good for their activities.

Bwiru resident Ms. Rebecca John said that the people on her street have faced frequent power outages so the use of solar energy will be useful to them.

Kitangiri Station resident Mr. Masoud Lugweyo said most of the solar powered lamps were damaged because people chose to use car batteries, which is very dangerous.

According to reports, 24.7 percent of households with electricity in Tanzania use solar energy as a source of electricity. Potential solar energy resources can be found in the central parts of the country. … Solar energy is mainly used in rural areas with about 64.8 percent, compared to urban areas with only 3.4 percent.

The Energy Access Situation Report, 2016 Tanzania Mainland, shows that solar energy is the dominant source of electricity in the rural areas of the country.

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