SunShare helps the Colorado group's solar venture

SunShare, a Denver-based solar developer, has put its Uncompahgre Community Solar Garden – the largest community solar project in Colorado to date – into operation with a total output of just over 5 MW DC. The Weld County-based solar array now produces clean energy for residents of Colorado, Westminster, and the Highlands Ranch Community Association.

It is the first 5 MW project built under the Community Solar Gardens Modernization Act of 2019 that allows for larger gardens and removes geographic entry restrictions, allowing that garden to serve subscribers from 13 Colorado counties and 40 cities.

"It's exciting that 10 years after creating the first open solar garden in Colorado, our 22nd Colorado solar garden is now the largest in our home state, serving more residents than any other community solar garden in Colorado history," he says to David Amsterdam. Olszewski, founder and CEO of SunShare. "I couldn't be more proud to energize this garden that has been subscribed to by my friends, neighbors, members of the SunShare team and so many other Colorado residents who were previously unable to attend due to size and geographic restrictions."

Subscribers receive credit on their utility bills for power generation from the garden built by E Light Electric, a local contractor in Colorado. SunShare will own and manage the community solar garden for its entire life.

SunShare has developed more than 110 MW of DC power in community solar gardens and is the largest residential solar participant in the United States with more than 13,000 residential customers in Colorado and Minnesota. At least 7 MW SunShare gardens are expected to be operational by the middle of the year. More projects will be built later in the year.

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