Solar inverter modified earlier than set up – Tesla Motors Membership

Had deja vu there for a moment:

A few weeks ago we had the installation of an 11.8 kW panel set with 3 completed power walls. While I was promised a system power optimizer for shading and a 10k inverter with Solaredge (both verbally and on the plan in 11/2020) what is actually installed has no optimizers and a Delta M10-TL- US …

Tesla is exhibiting the SolarEdge, so it's plausible that there are very few left (and this can vary based on location and inverter size). The linked thread offers thoughts on options and the actual differences between the various inverters. (However, no resolution of the OP is currently published in this thread.)

While I would definitely be dissatisfied if they made such a change without telling me (even if the effect is negligible), it seems that the Tesla contract – at least the one I signed – allows them to unilaterally swap out devices as long as they do, they do not add cost and "does not materially affect system performance." I suspect that would mean there won't be any significant change as long as you are still producing the estimated year 1 number of Tesla.

Note that changing the inverter may require an update of the approval, depending on the jurisdiction, which may delay the approval. Whenever you make a decision, make sure Tesla makes any necessary changes as soon as possible once you've made a final decision on the inverter.

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