Yes, solar energy is aesthetically pleasing, yes it allows you to save electricity on a monthly basis and yes it helps the environment but how safe is it really to install solar panels on your roof?

There's more to be saved and aesthetic when you have solar on your roof
In addition to giving you the carefree pleasure of turning on air conditioners without fear of electric shock, solar can literally have a cooling effect on your home by acting as an umbrella for your roof.

Solar panels block direct sunlight on your roof, which will help lower the temperature in your home. It also doubles as a posh pabigat or extra weight for your roof, which is beneficial during strong storms and typhoons and prevents your roof from being destroyed by strong winds.

What if my roof is damaged during the installation?

The importance of a serious and reliable solar installer plays a decisive role here. Always avoid fly-by-night solar companies who do not have sufficient experience. The end result is faulty and faulty installations that can cause leaks or unwanted holes and damage to your roof. Your solar supplier should also have a good after-sales team to deal with questions and concerns after switching on the system.

Solaric offers and delivers its superior service guarantee. We are committed to repairing any leaks that occur in the areas where the solar panels are installed as part of our world-class processing service. Our team also performs leak tests after installation to ensure that there are no leaks after installation.

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At Solaric, we are committed to ensuring that our customers benefit fully from turning on the sun.

Turn on the sun

At Solaric we appeal to the Filipino sensitivity for accessibility, service and value. Before we make an offer, let's learn how to use energy. We identify the best ways to maximize your return on a hard-earned investment. We will introduce you to various strategies to help you achieve your solar goals. We want to ensure reduced expenses and increased savings for you to make this one-time, wise economic and environmental investment. We always do our best to provide quick, efficient and thorough customer service. Not only do we sell solar modules, we also enable solar-powered lifestyles. Our aim is to provide endless satisfaction by delivering Solaric Service Satisfaction, from permanently reducing the electricity bill to the ultimate ZERO bill.

Solaric is the leading provider of rooftop solar systems

Solaric has made a name for itself in the renewable energy industry as a trusted and respected leader in rooftop solar systems. Based on decades of experience, Solaric has installed more than 50% of rooftop solar systems on residential buildings in the Philippines, achieving significant cost reductions in electricity costs and milestones towards a cleaner, greener and renewable future. We want every Filipino to enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy. Welcome to the new generation of solar and sun.

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At Solaric we turn on the sun.

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