Solar Alliance Power completes main undertaking at Bridgestone facility

Solar Alliance Energy Inc., an energy solutions provider focused on residential, commercial and industrial solar systems, has a commercial 2.4 MW solar project for Bridgestone Americas Inc., a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corp., in South Carolina, completed. This is the largest solar project in the company's history and was built confidentially until it was fully completed and operational.

The project, with a capital cost of $ 2.7 million, is powered by more than 7,000 solar panels and will generate nearly 4 GWh of electricity annually. This will also result in significant savings in electricity costs and the energy generated will be used entirely to offset consumption in Bridgestone's facility.

"Bridgestone has made a clear commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and we were proud to work with them to achieve this goal," said Myke Clark, CEO of Solar Alliance. “This project shows the benefits of solar for large manufacturing companies like Bridgestone that are committed to renewable energy solutions. As the Solar Alliance continues to grow, we are excited to be working with companies like Bridgestone so that they can achieve significant savings in electricity costs in addition to clear environmental benefits. This project is representative of the size and quality of the projects we are aiming for as we continue to grow our business. "

The $ 2.7 million cost of capital represents revenue for Solar Alliance and will be incrementally recognized in the company's financial statements until completion. The profit margins are in line with the company's other major solar projects.

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