SEIA leads efforts to get rid of compelled labor within the solar provide chain

One hundred and seventy-five solar companies, including some of the largest solar manufacturers in the world, have signed a pledge against forced labor in the solar supply chain.

The pledge is part of an industry-wide effort by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) to support the development of a supply chain traceability protocol and a major update of SEIA's Solar Commitment, which defines common practices and expectations for the solar industry. By signing the pledge, companies undertake to prevent these practices and ensure that the products they use have no connection to forced labor in China's Xinjiang region – or anywhere else in the world.

"We are proud to work with these companies to vehemently oppose the use of forced labor in the solar supply chain," said John Smirnow, vice president of marketing strategy at SEIA. “Forced labor is not tolerated in our industry. Given reports of job abuse in Xinjiang and the inability to conduct independent audits there, solar companies should immediately move their supply chains out of the region. We have been requesting this for a few months now and assume that most of the major suppliers will be out by June at the latest. We will continue to work with lawmakers, customs officials, the Biden government and our international partners to ensure that solar imports are demonstrably free from forced labor. "

The pledge remains open to signature and all companies and organizations active in the solar industry can join SEIA's efforts. SEIA says it will continue to expand its coalition and build on this important work over the next few months.

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