Are you still looking for reasons to run solar this year 2021? Here are some reasons why you must love this renewable energy!

save money

The main reason many people are switching to solar power is to save money by paying their monthly electricity bills. This is made possible if you install a solar grid tying system (which is connected to the grid) and then use solar as “first priority” electricity during the day. If you do not use all of the electricity generated by your solar system, the excess or excess electricity will be exported and sold to the utility company through the Net Metering program. With this setup you balance your electricity consumption at night and on weekends with the credits of the exported electricity. If you only install the ideal system capacity, enable net metering, and use your system wisely, you can make significant savings and get a faster ROI.

Solar is unlimited

Who doesn't like unlimited things like unlimited drinks, buffet, data allocation, calls and texts? Unlike non-renewable energy, which comes from finite fossil fuels, solar energy comes from the incredible power of the sun. We don't need to worry about running out of this energy source anytime soon as it will last a few million years longer and, if used properly, can sustain hundreds to thousands of generations.

The Philippines are solar rich

Planet Earth is in the perfect spot in the solar system to use the sun as a source of electricity – not too close to where humanity can roast, yet not too far to be cold and hypothermic. We are all the more pleased that the Philippines is a tropical country and is in a good position to receive huge amounts of solar energy all year round. This makes us a perfect solar gold mine to harvest, harness and utilize this clean, renewable energy.

Low maintenance

Solar doesn't require a lot of time and attention. In fact, it only needs to be cleaned with mild soap and running water once or twice a year, or depending on how heavily polluted your area is. It also runs on advanced technology, which means you can remotely monitor the harvest and use an app or website (wherever you are as long as you have internet access) to check that your system is at its full potential!

Clean and environmentally friendly

Households and businesses switching to alternative and renewable energy sources in the Philippines have increased because they need to be more energy independent. Another factor is increased awareness of climate change. Not only can you achieve monthly savings, but you can also reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come. These are great reasons to switch to solar energy.

Turn on the sun

At Solaric we appeal to the Filipino sensitivity for approach, service and value. Before we make an offer, we will learn how to use energy. We identify the best ways to maximize your return on a hard-earned investment. We present different strategies to ensure that you achieve your solar goals. We want to ensure reduced costs and higher savings so that you can make this one-time investment in business and the environment. We always do our best to provide quick, efficient and thorough customer service. Not only do we sell solar panels, we also enable a solar powered lifestyle. With this, we aim to provide endless satisfaction by delivering satisfaction with the Solaric Service that ranges from permanent reduction in electricity bills to the ultimate ZERO bill.

Solaric is a leader in solar roofs

Solaric has established itself in the entire renewable energy sector as a proven and reputable market leader for solar roofs. With decades of experience, Solaric has installed more than 50% of the solar panels on the roofs of residential buildings in the Philippines, achieving significant cost reductions in electricity costs and milestone contributions to a cleaner, greener and renewable future. We want every Filipino to enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy. Welcome to the new generation of solar energy and solar radiation.

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