Q CELLS licenses know-how to German solar module producers

Reiner Lemoine Research Center from Q CELLS in Thalheim, Germany

Q CELLS has concluded a license agreement with a German solar module manufacturer who is not named in order to give the company access to the patented solar cell passivation technology from Q CELLS.

"As a pioneer in the solar industry, Q CELLS has a long R&D history in the development of industry-leading technologies and has taken several measures to protect our intellectual property rights over the past two years," says Dr. Daniel Jeong, CTO of Q CELLS.

"Q CELLS has always endeavored to ensure fair and healthy competition for the best technology in the solar industry," said Dr. Jeong continues. "We are now very pleased to be taking a big step forward together with the German solar manufacturer in order to establish this fair competitive environment, which is an important prerequisite for the sustainable growth of the solar industry."

Q CELLS, a photovoltaic manufacturer of solar cells and modules, is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea (global executive headquarters) and Thalheim, Germany (technology and innovation headquarters) with manufacturing facilities in the USA, Malaysia, China and South Korea. Q CELLS offers the entire spectrum of photovoltaic products, applications and solutions, from cells and modules to kits, systems and large-scale solar power plants.

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