OpenSolar gives Sungage financing choices on the Solar Design / Gross sales platform

Solar SaaS company OpenSolar Inc. and Sungage Financial are working together to optimize the workflow process for the US installation market. By integrating Sungage's financing options with the OpenSolar platform, solar installers can quickly create complete proposals, including accurate 3D designs, state-of-the-art hardware, custom on-demand approvals, and now financing.

"Sungage Financial has been a leader in solar finance for over a decade, delivering unmatched customer service and attention to detail," said Andrew Birch, co-founder and CEO of OpenSolar. “The integration of Sungage's financing options with OpenSolar's design and sales platform fuels our mission to scale the adoption of solar energy by providing installers with free end-to-end business software that greatly streamlines workflows and frees them up time and money Saves money. "

OpenSolar was introduced in 2019 by Andrew Birch and Adam Pryor and is now used by thousands of installers in 100 countries on five continents. The company's new partnership with Sungage Financial is its second US-based partnership in 2021 and expands the company's partner list of solar hardware, software, and finance companies. In June, OpenSolar announced a partnership with Greenlancer, which enables solar installers to receive standardized approval design and engineering solutions quickly, in a scalable and reliable manner.

"OpenSolar's platform fits perfectly with Sungage Financial's goal of helping solar installers succeed so they can, in turn, help consumers reap the full benefits of a solar-powered lifestyle," said Michael Gilroy, CEO of Sungage Financial. "We look forward to reaching more installers and consumers through our partnership with OpenSolar with our portfolio of financing options."

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