Mosaic, Freedom Ceaselessly associate for residential solar finance

Mosaic, a US home solar home finance platform, has entered into a multi-year partnership with Freedom Forever, a home solar power company.

This partnership combines Mosaic's credit expertise and technology with a nationwide organization dedicated to the sale and installation of solar energy. As a result, Freedom Forever can now offer attractive solar financing rates to its customers and encourage the adoption of solar energy for homes.

"By lowering solar costs, retailers can help more families make the switch to clean energy," said Billy Parish, founder and CEO of Mosaic. “This partnership will accelerate the already impressive growth of Freedom Forever by equipping the robust sales organization with Mosaic's financing platform. If we align and improve the technologies and operations of our companies, it will be faster and easier to offer more people more financing options. "

Mosaic's financing solutions enable homeowners to invest in sustainable energy improvement projects, such as the generation and storage of solar energy.

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