Fuel South Commits $ 50M to Solar Initiatives

Gas South, a natural gas company, says it will invest $ 50 million in solar energy through the end of 2023 to support renewable energy initiatives.

"In addition to our charitable donations, our promise to fuel good also means doing our part in building a sustainable future for our children and future generations," said Kevin Greiner, President and CEO of Gas South. "To demonstrate our commitment, we've invested $ 17 million in solar energy projects to date and look forward to expanding our efforts."

Gas South's foray into solar energy began in 2020 with the development of a utility-level solar park in partnership with parent company Cobb EMC. The 6,000 square meter solar project features rooftop solar modules that produce 1.85 MW of solar energy and battery storage systems that produce 1 MW / 4 MWh of solar energy. It also features a solar garden with three 18-foot tall smartflowers that produce 13,400 kWh of solar energy. This initiative enables Gas South and Cobb EMC to inject renewable energy into the grid and explore ways to serve large customers with solar energy.

Gas South has also invested in other community solar projects through its relationship with Sol Systems, a national solar energy company. Through this partnership, Gas South has invested $ 12 million in eight residential solar projects.

For more information on Gas South's renewable energy initiatives, please click here.

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