ForeFront Energy Will get Business Operation for Illinois Solar Mission

ForeFront Power, a US-based developer of distributed solar and energy storage projects, has reached commercial operation of the largest solar project in Kane County, Illinois.

With 7,384 panels, the 2.8 MW project supplies the Mooseheart Child City and School, a non-profit childcare facility for needy children and young people, with electricity. The project created more than 44 jobs during the construction and operation phases.

The project received incentives from the government's Adjustable Block Program (ABP), established by the Future Energy Jobs Act to support the development of new photovoltaic distributed power and community solar projects in Illinois. While the program has successfully helped generate new clean electricity in the state, funds for the program have been depleted and need to be renewed in order for the state to see continued growth in the sector.

"Industries that create jobs in Illinois should stay in Illinois," said Rep. Keith Wheeler of Illinois' 50th District. “The Mooseheart solar project is testament to the job creation engine that solar energy has developed in our state in recent years as a result of the Future Energy Jobs Act. The Mooseheart Organization is a treasure trove of Fox Valley for a long list of reasons, and their leadership in building one of the largest solar projects in our area is just the latest example of why. "

Mooseheart's solar project is a single ground-mounted project on a 1,000 acre campus located 38 miles west of Chicago. Aurora, Ill., Progressive Energy Group helped Mooseheart Child City and School procure this clean power agreement and oversaw the company from inception to completion. SolAmerica acted as the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) partner of ForeFront Power for the Mooseheart project.

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