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FIMER has introduced new three-phase string inverter solutions PVS-10/33-TL for commercial and industrial applications. The inverters will be available to US customers sometime in the first half of 2021.

The new product range has been developed to meet the increasing demand for flexibility in the commercial and industrial sectors. It expands FIMER's existing portfolio for string inverters and offers a multitude of additional performance features for every type of application.

“Last year was a challenge for the industry, but we know for a fact that the demand for solar energy will continue to increase over the next 10 years. In response, our team of R&D and product management experts built on their extensive inverter manufacturing experience to develop our impressive new PVS-10 / 12.5 / 15-TL and PVS-20/30/33-TL platforms ” said Filippo, chairman of FIMER Carzaniga.

The string inverters are available in outputs from 10 kW to 33 kW and offer a high power density and high energy generation potential. PVS-10/33-TL has many advanced built-in digital functions and is designed for simplicity. It is flexible enough to be used anywhere and can be easily incorporated into new or existing equipment for lower installation and maintenance costs.

For installers, the new PVS-10/33-TL platforms offer important advantages, including quick installation, easy handling and maintenance, and quick commissioning with the FIMER App Installer for Solar Inverters.

The inverters have current monitoring on each string that can reach an input voltage of up to 1100 VDC. This enables longer strings and operation in larger temperature ranges.

In order to simplify operation, the fuse-free design means that maintenance work and on-site interventions are not required due to fuse errors. In order to guarantee a longer service life of the system, the inverters have an optional PID (Potential Induced Degradation) prevention system to ensure the performance of the PV module over time.

“Our PVS-10/33-TL delivers without compromise what really makes a difference for our customers: flexibility in the design of PV systems, cost-effective integration in communication and control architectures and openness to new technologies such as bifacial modules. It is an all-rounder through and through, ”said Tommaso Landi, FIMER's global product manager for C&I solutions.

Corresponding to the constantly increasing PV module currents as with bifacial modules, the area of ​​versions 20, 30 and 33 was designed with a higher input current readiness. Another big advantage is the integration of an integrated zero export system, which saves BoS and makes expensive additional equipment superfluous.

The integrated Wifi / Ethernet for TCP / IP networks enables cost-efficient networks and off-the-shelf exchange. For retrofit applications, the inverter series offers unique flexibility on the DC side.

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