DSS launches Alset Solar to develop utility-scale solar vitality on underutilized, unused land

Document Security Systems Inc. (DSS), a multinational company active in brand protection technology, blockchain security, direct marketing, and securitized digital assets, founded Alset Solar Inc.

Alset Solar was founded to drive the development of utility-scale solar parks and to provide polluted or underutilized properties with a clean energy future to supplement the power grid or provide small microgrids for independent energy.

"We created Alset Solar to drive the future of DSS in the clean energy sector with an emphasis on environmental stewardship and sustainability measures," said Frank D. Heuszel, CEO of DSS. “As states are pushing for more renewable energies, developers have to take into account the environmental and land use effects of this so-called urban sprawl – the increasing footprint of energy development. We address these legitimate concerns directly by focusing our development efforts on underutilized properties suitable for solar power and battery storage for microgrids. "

As the demand for renewable energies continues to grow in the US, disputes about where to locate solar and wind parks are becoming more common. Large utilities raise concerns about public land use and transmission loss. Opponents of community projects deal with visual aesthetics, noise and real estate values. Many rural interests would rather see good land used for agricultural farming than solar farming. If renewable energies are to maintain a positive reputation, they must find a way around these concerns.

The Bureau of Land Management's more than 450,000 brownfield sites, 130,000 EPA Superfund sites, and 19 million acres of excellent solar energy potential across the country offer a great opportunity to bring unwanted, unproductive, dirty land back into operation by generating clean electricity. In this way, even the major concerns that various communities have about installing solar parks can be avoided.

More information about DSS can be found here.

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