The year 2020 surprised us from all angles, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and economic downturn that have struck every nation all over the world. With all parts of the globe facing a dark and uncertain future, where do climate change and renewable energy stand in our current predicament?

Climate change adaptation

Humans have long adapted to its environment throughout the history to survive. Ivatan people from Batanes have built their homes using thick limestone and cogon grass to protect themselves from strong typhoons and harsh environmental conditions. In climate talks, adaptation is taking the correct action to prevent and lower the risks caused by climate change. It involves planning and taking the opportunity to develop practices and ignite a response.

Adaptation covers a wide range of contingency measures such as home and building innovations to cater to renewable energy and green living. Designing infrastructures to be solar ready can be considered as adapting into the yearly increase of energy costs and an effort to reduce your carbon footprint. Government and communities building flood defenses and providing solutions for prolonged El Niño are some of the ways on how countries have adapted to the effects of climate change.

Climate change mitigation

Though widely associated with adaptation, mitigation is more about dealing the source of the problem. Mitigation involves human intervention to reduce carbon footprint or using new technology to reduce greenhouse gasses. The use of renewable energy such as solar, instead of fossil fuels, developing electric vehicles, and planting trees to help in carbon dioxide absorption in the atmosphere help address the root of the problem. Promoting sustainable energy and technology can assist in slowing down the effects of climate change.


Reducing carbon emissions brought by energy production and consumption and replacing it with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind can help reduce the demand for fossil fuels and open more opportunities for a cleaner switch in lifestyle and consumer goods. Decarbonization’s main goal is to create carbon dioxide free economy and neutralize its levels in the atmosphere.

Heading to the future

Climate change may not be not anyone’s top priority right now but the effects of climate change continue to affect us in every way possible. The global pandemic might have slowed down some efforts due to the global economy shutdown and restrictions by different cities and provinces but there are other opportunities and technologies available to raise awareness and knowledge about climate change. The pandemic has just proven that what we need are smarter solutions and collaborative efforts, and that we need to act with more urgency to combat this global crisis.

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