BCI Engineering introduces new floor-mounted solar racking system

BCI Engineering, a company that specializes in contract manufacturing of solar shelving, has unveiled Full Tilt, a new floor-mounted solar shelving system.

According to BCI Engineering, Full Tilt is an optimal fixed-tilt rack solution that includes fewer parts, direct manufacturer prices, and versatile methods of loading and securing modules. The Full Tilt system introduces a new type of control panel, the Longhorn. With the Longhorn, modules can be pushed into strategically placed notches on the rail. This allows the system to align the modules itself and greatly improve installation speed. Structurally independent tables are self-square, so no adjustments are required and compatibility with steep terrain is increased.

"After careful product development, we are excited to introduce Full Tilt and demonstrate how the design can save time and money beyond what is currently available," said Chris Bartley, vice president of business development at BCI. “By combining one of the world's largest supply chains for solar shelving with a product specifically designed by industry veterans to address the unmet needs in this market segment, we can consolidate two key elements of the value chain and create the optimal fixed-tilt solution in terms of product quality and cost. "

BCI states that every facet of the Full Tilt system has been engineered to maximize the speed and ease of installation. With several identical components and optimized beam brackets, the six-part system ensures quick installation without wasting time searching through parts. The rotatable rack allows installers to install modules in their preferred position.

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