BayWa r.e. Now distribute Silfab solar panels

BayWa r.e. Solar Systems LLC, a US-based distributor of solar and energy storage components and systems, claims to be a distributor for Silfab Solar, a North American manufacturer of high-performance solar modules.

BayWa r.e. With its strong commitment to solar companies and its experience as a distributor, Silfab offers a differentiated approach to the US sales channel. Silfab's commitment to delivering a high quality module made in North America enables BayWa r.e. Expansion of the product offering to include solar companies that value these important features.

"Silfab manufactures highly efficient monocrystalline PV modules in North America and offers a strong warranty based on four decades of proven customer satisfaction and product performance history," said David Dunlap, Vice President of Operations at BayWa r.e. Solar Systems LLC. “Our new partnership with Silfab offers our customers a clearly differentiated selection of guaranteed“ Made in North America ”modules. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our contractors an option to provide evidence of domestic products such as: B. for government projects, or who want to offer their customers domestic panels as a differentiated option. "

According to Silfab, the company recently launched its new Elite line of solar modules, the company's most efficient and long-lasting module to date. The panels work at lower temperatures together with superior performance in poor lighting conditions, which together increases the energy yield on a kWh / kWp basis by up to 6%. The advanced rear contact technology reduces the metalization of the front cell, minimizes shading losses and at the same time reduces the mechanical stress on the electrical contacts. These characteristics translate into improved performance, better long-term reliability, and greater efficiency, the company notes.

Silfab PV modules are in stock and available from BayWa r.e. available. Online shop here.

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