Array Applied sciences creates a tech heart for showcasing solar merchandise

Array Technologies, manufacturer of ground-mounted systems for solar energy projects, has established the Array Tech Research Center, a site dedicated to the research, development and testing of solar tracker technologies.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the center serves as a test site where customers can explore prototype products that address common utility-scale solar problems, including setup costs, site assessment requirements, large module compatibility, and installation time. Array engineers will use the facility to demonstrate how developers and EPCs can address these challenges using the new technology the company is developing.

"Array is investing heavily in new product development this year," said Jim Fusaro, CEO of Array Technologies. “The research center is part of this investment and enables us to work more closely with our customers on the development of new technologies. If we have a proving ground where we can demonstrate new means and methods of installing trackers to our customers, we can accelerate the adoption of our technology. "

Some of the innovations that Array claims to present at the research center are:

– Extended line configurations – The new extended line configuration of DuraTrack HZ v3 increases the length of a tracker line by up to 33%. A higher power density reduces the number of components required per megawatt, which lowers the cost per watt and results in a lower LCOE
-New optimized foundation tracker systems – foundations contribute significantly to the total installed costs of a tracker system. Array is developing a new tracker that uses fewer posts per megawatt, significantly reducing the number of man and machine hours required to install the system
-Toolless Module Mounting Technology – A utility-scale solar project can include over a million solar modules. The assembly on the tracker system is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Building on the company's single-bolt module clamp, Array is exploring both toolless and no-bolt mounting systems that will allow modules to be installed faster, safer, and more efficiently than is currently possible

The company notes that customers and partners are encouraged to contact their Array customer service representative if they would like to schedule a tour of the Array Tech Research Center.

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