Altus Energy builds Hawaii solar challenge

Altus Power America Inc., a Connecticut-based company specializing in clean electrification, is to build a 4.5 MW on-ground solar project in Kapolei, Hawaii, on the island of O'ahu.

When the project is complete, it will be the largest municipal renewable energy project (CBRE) in the state. Altus Power acquired the project from Tritium Enterprises LLC, which led development efforts under Phase I of the CBRE program and will continue to support construction, community engagement and ongoing operations.

The project is expected to be online in the fourth quarter and generate over 6,500 MWh of electricity in the first year of operation. This is Altus Power's third investment in Hawaii and the first to target energy savings to a commercial number of O & # 39; ahu private customers in addition to commercial and municipal businesses through CBRE solar loans.

"Altus is committed to providing clean energy solutions in Hawaii," said Lars Norell, managing partner of Altus Power. "We are excited to participate in the CBRE Phase I program and look forward to creating renewable energy benefits available to businesses, nonprofits and households."

This project will expand Altus' national community solar presence with over 100 MW community solar projects in states across the country.

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