5 Issues You Ought to Know Earlier than Shopping for Solar


Australian homeowners are breaking free from the grid by switching to solar and cutting their electricity bills significantly in the process. Solar is a great alternative to fossil fuel energy. However, many homeowners fall for common mistakes that are easy to avoid.

Here are five things every potential homeowner needs to know before switching to solar that Natural Solar offers you.

Is it better to install in a new or an old house?

There is no better time to install solar panels than when building a new home. By installing solar energy from day one, owners can cut their electricity bills as soon as they move in. In addition, modern houses are more likely to be built with solar energy. This does not mean that a solar system cannot work in an older house, it just means that problems can arise. Common problems we find are:

  • You need to upgrade your distribution board or meter – older homes may not have the latest technology. There are many ways to fix this. Natural Solar is happy to talk to you about your options. Just ask.
  • The battery may need to be placed in a load-bearing wall or in your bedroom. If you're building your home from scratch, positioning the battery isn't a problem.
  • Installations in two-story homes require scaffolding, which can add to the cost of your installation. Scaffolding for new homes may already be in place, which will reduce these costs.

Who will install my solar panels?

Solar panels must be installed by a qualified specialist.

Many "weekend shops" buckle their tool belts and try to install solar panels themselves. Installing solar is a task that must be left to trained professionals.

Electricians are qualified solar installers and know what to look for during installation. Many people claim to be “qualified,” but you can check the qualifications by doing the following:

  • Solar accreditation from the Clean Energy Council
  • Accreditation for battery storage from the Clean Energy Council

Natural Solar has a high professional standard in the industry, as recognized by the Clean Energy Council, with over 6,000 batteries installed in homes across the country. It is safe to say that you are in good hands with Natural Solar.

It's flashy, it's neat, but do I need it?

Solar batteries are a fascinating technology and allow households to control when, how and why they use electricity. However, you need to first puncture all of the i points and cross the t values ​​before making the jump.

Most homeowners make the transition based solely on financial factors. Therefore, the investment must be calculated over the long term. Solar returns are already displayed 6 years after installation. So you have to commit to the long game before you see results *.

Other reasons you might choose solar are frequent grid outages or blackouts in your area. With an emergency battery pack, every neighbor will knock on your door to charge their phone when the power goes out.

Make sure you choose the size that fits you best

If you plan to install a solar system with a solar battery, you should choose a larger system to maximize the benefits. The sun shines every day, so with a larger system, the excess energy you produce can be stored in your home's battery and used at night when most electricity providers are charging peak prices.

Unless you plan on installing a solar battery, the best thing to do is to calculate the size of your system by checking your utility bills and seeing how much energy your home uses during the day when the sun is producing electricity. This way you maximize your solar system instead of sending electricity back into the grid and buying it back at a higher price at peak times in the evening.

Don't worry if you scratch your head as you do these calculations. The Natural Solar team will carefully evaluate your current or planned electricity needs along with your goals in order to design the right system for you. Just have a copy of your last 4 electricity bills ready when you start your solar journey.

Predict the future

The installation of solar panels in your home is planned for the future. Hence, you need to consider what your future might look like. Is your family growing? Downsizing? Are you looking to buy an electric vehicle in the near future? Do you want to buy a spa or install a swimming pool? How your energy consumption will change in the future will help you choose the solar system that is right for you.


* Savings calculation based on information available to Stockland on [# insert date]. Stockland makes no guarantees regarding the savings calculation. Stockland assumes no liability for loss or damage caused by trusting this savings calculation.

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